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Hi Merlin,

I interpret "mgf1p" as MGF1 with the hash function specified by the
DigestMethod element.

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From: merlin <> on 2002/03/01 08:33

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Subject:  rsa/oaep


Our RSA/OAEP algorithm is
with inputs of a digest algorithm and OAEP parameters.

By "mgf1p", do we mean MGF1 with SHA-1, or MGF1 with the same hash
function used by EME-OAEP-ENCODE (i.e., the DigestMethod parameter)?
In RFC 2437, the MGF1 and EME-OAEP-ENCODE hash functions are
independently specified, which might imply that we should separate
them? Should we move to #rsa-oaep-mgf1-sha1. Also, where does the
"p" in "mgf1p" come from? I can't seem to search the archives at
the moment to find the original discussions.

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious.



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