Re: Problem: How to encrypt nodes without breaking parsers

At 20:07 10/2/2000 +0900, Takeshi Imamura wrote:
>By the way, I heard there was a discussion on the validity of HTML/XML, 
>that is,
>how applications should work when detecting unknown vocabularies, and it 
>a consensus that unknown attributes (and resultant error messages) may be
>ignored.  Considering this, adding an ID attribute to an element to be 
>and not changing its content model may not be so serious.

This might be the case for HTML, with a content model that was often chaotic 
and laxly interprated. However, I don't see how this would be applied with 
respect to validity over XML. Such a document would still be well-formed, 
but not valid as defined by the specifications. (What discussion, and what 

This concerns me because if we do have a requirement to not violate the 
validity of a document, that could constrain us quite a bit and we would 
have to rely upon references and XPath (and some have expressed XPath can be 
rather heavy with respect to parsing...)

Joseph Reagle Jr.
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