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Letter ::= BaseChar CombiningChar* | Ideographic /* ??? */

From: Jerzy Miernik <Jerzy.Miernik.jerzy@nt.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 07:06:38 -0500
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To: "'xml-editor@w3.org'" <xml-editor@w3.org>
 There is a statement that a base character can be "possibly followed by one
or more
 combining characters", in the second to the last paragraph on page 3. Also,
there is 
 a statement that "these classes combine to form the class of letters", in
the first 
 paragraph of Annex B. The two statements are not supported by the
production 84.
 The first statement is not supported by production 87 in the sense of "or
 combining characters". This could be handled perhaps by a new production
    [90] CombiningChar ::= CombiningChar+  
 Moreover, the production 4 (for the NameChar) seems to contradict the
 statement in the sense that a NameChar can either be a Letter, or a
 or else. 
 All the above seems to be an error in the category 'text versus
productions', since 
 the two productions 4 and 84 are not contradictory.
 Best regards, 

 Jerzy Miernik
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