Proposal for issue 305: The SOAP Response MEP doesn't need sending+receiving states

Issue 305 [1] states that:

 It is unclear why this MEP needs the sending+receiving states in
 the state machines when there is nothing really that is sent from
 the requester to the responder. This also affects the states


I agree with this statement and think we should simplify the SOAP
response state machine to only reflect a SOAP message in the response as

1) In the requesting SOAP node diagram in [3], rename "Sending +
Receiving" to "Receiving".

2) In the responding SOAP node diagram in [3], rename "Receiving +
Sending" to "Sending".

3) In table 11 [4] and 12 [5], perform the same rename operations.

4) In section 6.3.4, rename "Receiving + Sending" to "Sending".

FWIW, I would consider this an editorial change as a result of
copy-and-paste from the req/res MEP. Reason is that it is related to
issue 239 [2] which also shows signs of copy-and-paste problems.


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen 


Received on Tuesday, 3 September 2002 11:48:11 UTC