RE: Web-friendly SOAP

Some very interesting points have been raised on this thread.  I do want to
point out that nothing in the recent changes to the SOAP spec. in any way
reduce its utility on non-HTTP protocols.  Indeed, no capabilities were options were added for use on transports such as HTTP that
have a Web-compatible notion of "GET".

Also, even on HTTP, the recommendation says SHOULD not MUST on using the
new features for retrieval.  Of course, the SHOULD is serious and you
should use GET where you reasonably can.  Nonetheless, even on HTTP, all
the capabilites for doing any RPC includeing a retrieval are stil
there...if you have reason to ignore the SHOULD and do a POST for a
retrieval, the specification allows, but discourages it (as does HTTP, as
far as I know.)

Also, HTTP is still just a binding that happens to come with the spec.  If
everyone decides to go TCP, DIME, UDP, BEEP, IP, or whatever, all you have
to do is write the binding, and chose the MEP's to be supported.  Glen's
note give an excellent perspective on some of the options.

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