Re: [getf] Node MUST process? (was: [GETF] okay, here's an updated draftwith Henrik's option B)

I would like to suggest the following further tweaks (changes
between >>brackets<<).

<noah tweak="2">
This section defines the SOAP distributed processing model. The
processing model defined in this section applies to a single SOAP
message >>independently<< of any other SOAP message; it makes no
claim as to whether a given entity acting as a SOAP node for the
processing of one (or more) messages need do so for others.

While the specification of individual SOAP features (see 3.1 SOAP
Features)>>,<< such as MEPs>>,<< may call for groups of messages
to be processed in >>combination<<, this is >>independent of
(orthogonal to?)<< the processing model defined in this section.


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