Re: Why XML Infosets are used in SOAP1.2


Thanks for the correction, I'll try to think faster and type slower next
time ;-)


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> I'm going to apologize in advance, and then pick a nit ....
> Sorry to pick nits ...
> On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 15:42, Martin Gudgin wrote:
> > spec[2] refers to the application/xml+soap media type spec[3] which
> it's always something/something+xml
> The +xml is the final bit.  It isn't the subtype.  It's just formatting,
> so 3023 allows you to munge it as just-syntax if that's all you
> understand, by letting you recognize the formatting suffix.  It isn't
> the subtype, because that would imply that the thing after the + was a
> sub-subtype, which IETF would refuse to consider.  As a mnemonic, XML is
> the last thing to apply to a content type (*laugh*  and the meaning of
> the phrase depends entirely on intonation ...).
> I'll apologize for picking that nit again, but I've seen it several
> times in the past several weeks, so it might be a worthwhile nit to
> pick.
> Amy!
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