Re: FW: LC Comments: Web Method Feature (really Features optional)

(I've been out for a week.  If this response is no longer pertinent,
apologies in advance.)

Long ago in this thread, Jacek Kopecy wrote:

>>  I agree with Stuart though that once we call
>> something a feature, it's not mandatory, it
>> MAY be used to gain something.

I'm afraid I somewhat disagree, and I think the disagreement is indeed a
central issue for this thread.

Yes, features are optional in the sense that there is no one feature
required of all SOAP implementations, of all SOAP binding specifications
etc.  However, it is absolutely the case that use of certain features can
be mandatory per the specification for a particular binding.   Most
obviously, use of the Request/Response feature was mandatory in earlier
versions of the SOAP HTTP binding.  You didn't have the option to use it,
you had to use it.  Nothing broken there.  Now we have the Web Method
feature.  I can see that there might be reason to debate its design (though
I would have much preferred that debate happen before last call).  I do not
agree that the problem is or can be lack of optionality.  It is absolutely
coherent for the HTTP binding specification to say:  to use this binding,
an application MUST make use of the following feature(s).  Some of those
might be MEPs, some might be other features.

Why name it as a feature if in that particular situation it's not optional?
Because it correctly describes an interface that may well prove to be
common across other bindings.  For example, some other binding to HTTP
might support the same feature.  A binding to HTTPS might support the
feature.  Even a binding to some non-HTTP protocol that supports REST
semantics would probably use the feature.

As has been previously noted, the reason it's the Web Method feature and
not something else is that it anticipates other REST methods such as DELETE
(which would presumably, by the way, use the same MEP as GET).

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