Re: Why XML Infosets are used in SOAP1.2

I'm going to apologize in advance, and then pick a nit ....

Sorry to pick nits ...

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 15:42, Martin Gudgin wrote:
> spec[2] refers to the application/xml+soap media type spec[3] which details

it's always something/something+xml

The +xml is the final bit.  It isn't the subtype.  It's just formatting,
so 3023 allows you to munge it as just-syntax if that's all you
understand, by letting you recognize the formatting suffix.  It isn't
the subtype, because that would imply that the thing after the + was a
sub-subtype, which IETF would refuse to consider.  As a mnemonic, XML is
the last thing to apply to a content type (*laugh*  and the meaning of
the phrase depends entirely on intonation ...).

I'll apologize for picking that nit again, but I've seen it several
times in the past several weeks, so it might be a worthwhile nit to

Amelia A. Lewis
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