ETF: Telcon Minutes Tues 12th Feb 2002

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1) Agenda review and AOB

2) Chair and time for next call
Asir, Tues. 19th Feb. @11am EST

3) Review of action items:

* All to investigate alternative array serialisations for next ETF call. 
- Partly done
NEW ACTION: HFN to ping PC regarding his email on this subject.
* HFN will propose changes to spec and primer to resolve ed issue #17 - 
Not Done
* HFN to propose resolution for ed issue #55, will contact PaulC
and JohnI to determine history of this action - Done
* Asir: propose resolution to issue 163. Option 3 from
Gudge's email. - Done
* Asir: write a note for the SOAP encoding section pointing out
that a result of using anonymous types is that one can't refer to them
from the SOAP encoding and send to dist-app - Done
* HFN to add encoding examples to Part 2 at end of the relevent 
appendix. - Done
* MJH to change arraySize BNF from "positive integer" to
"non-negative integer" - Done
* MJH to remove "(possibly defaulted)" from rule 2. - Not Done
* JK to contact originator[1] with proposed resolution. - Done
* Asir to raise new issue re: NOTATION type with suggested resolution. - 

4) NOTATION type.
Further information from Martin Gudgin[2].

NEW ACTION: Asir to contact Martin Gudgin regarding need for removal of 
NOTATION element. ETF suggests leaving it in and adding pointer to XML 
schema warning about these types. Asir to draft warning text.

5) Status of SOAP Encoding Schema
Editors already have action to highlight location and status of schemas 
in both parts of the spec.

6) Issues Review
NEW ACTION: 113,16: ETF believes 113 is closed, HFN to check this and 
draft resolution for 16.
NEW ACTION: 78: JK to check that RPC side of issue is closed and to 
propose rewrite of root attribute section to improve clarity.
NEW ACTION: 44: We believe this is a TBTF issues, MJH to ping TBTF.
NEW ACTION: 29: We believe this is ready to close.
167,176,177,180 Under active discussion
180 to be on next weeks agenda
Multistructs to be on next weeks agenda.


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