Re: NOTATION attribute invalid in soap-encoding


Before we can close the issue and provide the fix, the WG needs to agree on the
proposed resolution, so this may take a little more time. BTW, the URI  only applies to our December 2001
Working Draft, and will be different in our next WD (probably having 2002
somewhere in the middle).


Max Johnson wrote:

> Jean-Jacques,
> As of this problem is still present.
> If the fix is as easy as it seems (i.e. either make NOTATION an element or
> remove it altogether) is it likely that an updated version of the schema can
> be issued in the near future?
> Max Johnson
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> Paul,
> This issue has been raised already (see attached email), but it
> does not appear to be in the issues list. I don't know if we have
> updated the schema.
> Jean-Jacques.

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