Re: Issue 192 & R803

Sorry for the slow response, catching up on email slowly.

I think Noah has identified an inconsistency here and we should open a 
new issue to make sure we address it.

Marc. wrote:

> Chris Ferris writes:
>>>the .../ultimateReceiver role MUST be capable
>>>of "correctly processing" the contents of the 
>>>SOAP Body EII which I interpret as meaning, 
>>>if the child of the SOAP Body EII is a SOAP
>>>Fault EII, it is a fault, and I process it 
>>>as such unless there is some SOAP Header 
>>>block telling me otherwise. That is the SOAP
>>>processing model as I understand it.
> That was true, but not any more I'm afraid.  The latest editors' draft 
> says with respect to body processing [1]:
> "An ultimate SOAP receiver MUST correctly process the immediate children 
> of the SOAP body (see 5.3 SOAP Body). However, Part 1 of this 
> specification (this document) mandates no particular structure or 
> interpretation of these elements, and provides no standard means for 
> specifying the processing to be done."
> We introduced this formulation during the great debate over body 
> interpretation.  In the non-fault case, I think I am happy with it.  I 
> think it also implies that ascribing semantics to a body containing a 
> fault is optional (or, conversely, you might view the first and second 
> sentences as contradictory in this respect.)
> In the case of faults, first of all, it contradicts the rest of the 
> specification in claiming that we mandate no structure for the body.  I 
> suspect we should open an issue at least on that.  My guess is that (with 
> apologies in advance to Mark Baker) many of us had assumed that we wanted 
> to mandate not just the structure, but also the interpretation in the case 
> that a fault was received.  Maybe the issue should be expanded to include 
> that question as well, though knowing Mark's views, it may not be easy to 
> achieve quick consensus on a resolution.
> [1] 
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