issue 95 resolution

During the San Jose F2F, a subset of the WG members present were chartered with
the task of resolving the various differences of opinion as regards the
use and meaning of the SOAPAction HTTP header field in the HTTP Binding section
(Issue 95).

The subteam was successful in their effort and proposed revised wording
for the specification which was slightly modified and subsequently ratified by all
members present at the F2F. 

The key points of the resolution were that SOAPAction HTTP Header Field would be made
OPTIONAL (in the RCC2119 sense) in the SOAP1.2 - Part 2 specification, with a 
recommendation that SOAPAction SHOULD NOT be used, but MAY be required in certain 
server implementations. A specific HTTP Status Code (427 proposed) shall be 
registered with IANA for the purpose of providing a means by which a SOAP Receiver
can indicate to a SOAP client that the SOAPAction Header Field is required.

The full text of the revised SOAPAction section (6.1.1) along with the related
AIs can be found in the attachement to the email here:

The editors have been asked to incorporate the change into the next draft
of the spec.



Received on Monday, 17 September 2001 12:18:16 UTC