Issue 143: Client and Server fault code names

Issue 143 below is currently marked as editorial:

     Table speaks of 'Client' faults and 'Server' faults. I
     think that this is the only place where the notion of
     'Client' and 'Server' arise. Concepts of 'Client' and
     'Server' are not developed anywhere in the document.

     It seems to me that 'Client' is more akin to 'Sender'
     and 'Server' is more akin to 'Recipient'. Regardless,
     I'm not sure personnally that 'Client' and 'Server' are
     appropriate distinctions to make in a generic SOAP
     messaging framework.

The editors suggest that, in the prose, we amend 'Client' to read
'Sender' and 'Server' to read 'Receiver'.

However, the editors wonder whether they sould also be changing
the fault codes to match. Advantage: this would make the spec
more consistent. Disadvantage: possible impact on existing


Received on Tuesday, 30 October 2001 04:11:04 UTC