Resolving issue 39: Ease-of-deployment


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SOAP1.1 does not directly address deployment issues; but may indeed
satisfy this requirement, with the qualification that it does not
address a "full spectrum" of deployment environments. Rather, it
addresses the HTTP common web-server/web-browser situation. 

Proposal: From Marwan: The issues here are: 1) To ensure that SOAP 1.2
apps work in a variety of environments. Such environments include
resource-constrained applications. SOAP 1.2 uses other W3C standards. In
this fashion, SOAP 1.2 is easy to deploy. 2) SOAP 1.2 make use of XML
standards where appropriate. Such standards include XML namespaces, and
XML schemas.  

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Note that it is R309 [2] that talks about constrained devices, not R306
[3] which is the topic of issue 39 (the preamble is confusing). Is there
anything in here that is not met to the degree that we can? IMO, I think
this can be put to bed. 

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen 


Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2001 22:56:32 UTC