RE: Issue 140 bogus?

Would it make sense to say, in the normative specification, something 
along the lines of:

"Except for next, and none, etc. this specification does not prescribe the 
criteria by which a given node determines the (possible empty) set of 
roles in which it acts on a given message.  For example, implementations 
can base this determination on factors including, but not limited to: 
hardcoded choices in the implementation, information provided by the 
transport binding (e.g. the URI to which the message was physically 
delivered), configuration information made by users during system 
installation, etc. " 

We already have text, I believe (I'm on an airplane and can't easily 
check) that makes clear that nodes acting as the anonymous actor cannot 
further relay a message, and in that sense serve as an endpoint.  I would 
fully expect that the request/response MEP, when specified, would indicate 
that responses typically originate from the node that acted in the 
anonymous role for the request.

Sound about right?

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Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2001 22:51:23 UTC