Closing issue 171

The XML Protocol working group is closing issue 171 [1] by adding the
following text to part 2 of the SOAP 1.2 specification.

The serialization rules of SOAP permit the use of xsi:type attribute to
represent the type of an element, and hence also the type of the
corresponding graph node.  The use of xsi:type to denote element types is
described in XML Schema Structures [2]. Although SOAP does not mandate the
use of any particular schema notation, all SOAP processors MUST recognize
references if present and MUST associate the corresponding type with the
deserialized nodes.

The use of xsi:type attribute on referencing accessors (I.e. those that
use the href="..." construction) is subtle and it is recommended
they be used with caution. Note that, per the rules of the XML Schema
Specification [2] for xsi:type, the existence of xsi:type attribute on
referencing accessors does not indicate the type of the referred element,
and hence does not affect the type of the corresponding node."



Received on Wednesday, 19 December 2001 19:03:01 UTC