TBTF: A small Doodle of an HTTP Binding


I've attached a fragment of the sort of thing I might expect of a property
based binding description. This is very much a skeleton. I'm about to take
off on vacation. If this 'style' is way off base with respect to the
expectations of others that's ok... there is no big commitment to this on my
part... it's just a doodle, and at best '1/8th baked' (one of 8 phases
filled in in any detail at all). 

I think there would be alot of repetition in fully populating this which
would cause some restructuring and there are likely missing pieces (doesn't
really consider much other than MEP's, corelation and a bit of

Hope its useful/interesting.



Received on Friday, 17 August 2001 06:17:08 UTC