Re: Issue 107: Clarify the terms application, actor & related n otions of identity.

Williams, Stuart wrote:
>>As a result of some private discussion I'd like to offer the following 
>>small change to my original proposal for reworking 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.
>>Replace: "The special URI 
>>"" indicates that the 
>>SOAP header block is intended for the very first SOAP node that 
>>processes the message."
>>With: "The special URI 
>>indicates that the SOAP header block is intended for the next SOAP 
>>node in the SOAP message path."
> Not sure... feels like "tomorrow never comes". Your suggested revision
> captures the meaning of ".../next" on transmission from the a
> node/actor/application/processor, but not receipt at a
> node/actor/application/processor.
> Also, I guess its a sort of side issue, but what sort of thing is
> dereferenced by an actor attribute (node/actor/application/processor)? 
I think these things are fairly well described in section 2 now but I'm 
open to suggestions. The main purpose of the rewording was to remove 
overlap so I don't really wan't to reprise anything already covered in 
section 2.


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