[AM] A few comments on Mar 30th Draft

I have some comments on the draft.

1. The second paragraph in Section 4 says
"XML protocol blocks are aggregated into XML protocol messages and may be
targetted at particular XML protocol handlers (see Section 4.2). "
Based on this, I expected that actorURI indicates a particular handler.
However, in Secrion 4.2, blocks seems to be targeted particular "XML
Processors" (not handlers).
What am I missing here?

2. (I know there is a debate on Module and Hanlder, so this comment can be
inadequate.)  As long as I read 4.2, I do not understand why we need to
introduce the concept of "Module."  There is no Module in Figure 2.1, but it
is still comprehensive.  What is the problem when we only use "Handler" and

3. (This comment was posted just before publishing this document, so we did
not discuss it.)  As for Figure 2.1, how Handler d is invoked?  Block
consumption is well described, but block producing is not mentioned
especially when the block is just inserted.

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Yuichi Nakamura
IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
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Received on Sunday, 8 April 2001 22:36:37 UTC