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Announcement: WWW9 Panel on XML and Protocols, 17 May 2000

From: Janet Daly <janet@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:35:40 -0400
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As previously promised, here are the details for the WWW9
XML and Protocols Panel and Discussion. 

WWW9 Panel Track

Title: XML Protocols Shakedown

Date: Wednesday 17 May 2000 

Time: 10:30 - 12:00
      Note that the panel will be available for 
      discussions through the lunch break, until approx.

Place:  Ninth International World Wide Web Conference
	RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Moderator: Dan Connolly, W3C
Organizer: Janet Daly, W3C

Panelists include:

        Michael Condry, Sun Microsystems
	Larry Masinter, AT&T 
	Noah Mendelsohn, IBM/Lotus Corporation
	Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, Microsoft Corporation
	Henry Thompson, W3C/University of Edinburgh
	Dave Winer, Userland

The Internet and Web communities are bubbling over with 
proposals for the use of XML in network protocols and 
distributed applications - XML-RPC, SOAP, XMI, WebDAV, 
ICE and IOTP are only a few examples. The goals of this 
panel is to review these and other proposals and identify 
their common threads, while taking into account 

1. the wishes of developers for lean, lightweight 
   protocols, and 

2. the commercial needs for robust technologies that 
   will support the full weight and demands of 
   business-to-business ecommerce systems

The panelists hope to engage the audience in the evaluation 
of a range of proposals, and continue discussion that 
separates out the needs for common, interrelated standards.

For conference registration information (and to take
advantage of early registration discounts) please visit the
WWW9 Web site, at:


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