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[Bug 6021] Stylesheet for xs:override

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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 18:51:49 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-10-20 18:51:48 ---
I'm always a bit averse to "as if" specifications, because they always leave a
lot of room for interpretation. But I think it probably is possible to make the
facility work.

The big question is how one overrides definitions in multiple namespaces. One
mechanism that might work is to require xs:override to appear like this

  <xs:override schemaLocation="abc.xsd"/>
  <xs:import namespace="one.uri" schemaLocation="one-override.xsd"/>
  <xs:import namespace="two.uri" schemaLocation="two-override.xsl"/>
  <xs:element name="eeee"/>

Then we say that if xs:override appears in a schema document, it must be the
first child of the xs:schema element; only one xs:override element is allowed
in a schema document, and everything else in the schema document whether
present directly or imported/included from elsewhere is there to override (or
supplement) what is present in the overridden schema documents.

The processing is then (ignoring any interaction with xs:redefine for the

(a) in the graph of schema documents, where the arcs joining them are
xs:include, xs:import, and xs:override elements, there must be no cycle that
includes an arc labelled xs:override.

(b) in this graph if any two nodes M and N are connected by a path that
includes an xs:override arc, then there must be no path from M to N that does
not include this arc

(c) it is thus possible to partition the schema documents in the graph into a
tree of schema-document-sets where A is the parent of B in the tree if A
contains an xs:override element that refers to a document in B. Call this the
override tree.

(d) within this tree, every schema document is transformed as follows: for
every top-level declaration D, if an ancestor in the override tree contains a
schema document that contains a top-level declaration with the same kind and
expanded name as D, then D is deleted from the schema document

(e) the entire graph of schema documents is then processed as if the
xs:override elements were xs:include or xs:import elements.

One way to handle redefine is simply to ban mixing it with override: it is an
error if the override tree includes an xs:redefine element.

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