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[Bug 6021] Stylesheet for xs:override

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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:57:14 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Sandy Gao <sandygao@ca.ibm.com>  2008-10-20 17:57:14 ---
Wondering whether we can get away by saying roughly:

"Whenever a schema document S=source is overridden by O=override, then any
<include> or <import> to S are as if they were to O, unless the <include> or
<import> was meant for a namespace different from that of O (think chameleon
include/override). If S is overridden by multiple documents, then use any one
of them as O."

This way:
- It's still at the syntax level, so the rule is deterministic. (We had
difficulties specifying redefinition rules at the component level.)
- It helps solve many more use cases than the current rule, in particular, if A
includes B, B can still be overridden. (The pervasiveness.) (The current rule
will most likely make this case invalid.)

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