Re: CR-56: Specify text/xml or application/xml

Dear Michael,

Michael wrote:
>  I wrote:
>  > They should be served as application/xml.  (If this sentence is
>  > added, I will withdraw my request to the W3C director.
> I think this should be acceptable to the XML Schema WG.  Personally,
> I would prefer that the XML Schema spec be as agnostic as possible on
> this issue, and so I would prefer a statement other than a bald
>    XML Schema documents should be served as MIME type aplication/xml.

Your preference is understood and agreed.

> Perhaps a better alternative would be something like this?
>    [RFC 3023] recommends that XML-encoded material should be served as
>    MIME type application/xml, unless the XML source code is readable by
>    casual users (in which case it should be served as text/xml).  Many
>    observers believe that XML Schema documents fall into this category
>    and should therefore be served as application/xml.

I think that this would be perfect.  I withdraw my opposition 
to the disposition of this issue.


IBM Tokyo Research Lab &
International University of Japan, Research Institute


Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2001 11:19:45 UTC