Resolution of CR-35

Dear Asir,

The W3C XML Schema Working Group has spent the last several weeks
working through the comments received from the public on the
Candidate Recommendation (CR) of the XML Schema specification. We
thank you for the comments you made on our specification during
our CR comment period, and want to make sure you know that all
comments received during the CR comment period have been recorded
in our CR issues list (

You raised the point registered as issue CR-35:

blocking-simpletypes: Allow simple types to block further derivation?

Should the mechanisms for declaring simple types be changed to allow schema
authors to block derivation of other types from them?

We are pleased to inform you that the Schema Working Group discussed this
matter and has agreed to your proposal. We will be providing a method to
block derivation of simple types in the Proposed Recommendation of XML

It would be helpful to us to know whether you are satisfied with the
decision taken by the WG on this issue, or wish your dissent from the
WG's decision to be recorded for consideration by the Director of
the W3C.


David Cleary
XML Schema Working Group

Received on Tuesday, 23 January 2001 12:15:31 UTC