Re: Default values for block and final

"Arnold, Curt" <> writes:

> The Schema and DTD for Schema specify a default value of "" for block and final (but not in all uses) which will interfere with appropriate processing of blockDefault and finalDefault.  No default
> should be provided so that not providing a block or final attribute can be distinguished from providing a value of "" which would indicate blocking nothing (anti #all)
> <xsd:schema ... blockDefault="#all" finalDefault="#all">
> 	<!--  should be blocked and final  -->
> 	<xsd:complexType name="blockedAndFinal"/>
> 	<!--  should block nothing   -->
> 	<xsd:complexType name="unblockedAndNotFinal" block="" final=""/>
> </xsd:schema>
> These two complex types should have substantially different behaviors, however with the current DTD for Schema, they are indistinguishable.

Right, thought I'd eliminated all of those, thanks, I'll fix it.  I
expect this will have knock-on effects on the schema for schemas,
which sets blockDefault.

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