Re: XLink 1.1: Open issues?

Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM (Norman Walsh) writes:
>| has been published
>| Last Call Working Draft but I could not find responses that formally
>| address comments on the previous drafts, e.g.
>Working groups are not obligated to respond formally to comments made
>on every working draft. The WG discussed these comments and decided to
>proceed to Last Call with the current draft.

I'm afraid that's common practice with this long-dysfunctional working
group.   While I was impressed with Bjoern's queries, I can't say I
expected to see them answered in the draft.

Perhaps this working group would do better to shut down rather than
continue pushing forward in arena where they've had little positive

Simon St.Laurent

Received on Tuesday, 26 July 2005 19:32:30 UTC