Re: XLink 1.1: Integration with CSS

* Daniel Veillard wrote:
>> If someone implements a XML 1.0 + CSS + XLink 1.1 user agent there are
>> basically just three specifications that can define the rules here. If
>> it's a bad idea to make such a user agent, this needs to be clear from
>> XLink 1.1, if not there need to be clear processing rules. How the XML
>> Core Working Group achieves this is of less concern to me.
>  Then you have your answer, CSS says "link" and XLink-1.1 defines links,
>so :link applies to links defined by XLink-1.1 constructs.

No, CSS 2.0 states "The document language determines which elements are
hyperlink source anchors." The document language in the case above is
XML 1.0 + XLink 1.1 and XLink 1.1 defines "A /hyperlink/ is a link that
is intended primarily for presentation to a human user." but it does not
define how user agents determine whether an XLink 1.1 "link", as defined
in the document, is a "hyperlink". And that's already assuming "hyper-
link" and "hyperlink source anchor" refer to the same concept. What's
clear though is that CSS' use of "link" and XLink 1.1's definition of
"link" refer to different concepts.
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