RE: Validation results


I agree that if the processor reports the expected assertion that it gets 
a green. It may report others since in some cases an assertion doesn't 
make sense unless other assertions are satisfied.

Ideally, a processor should limit the number of assertion violations 
reported to eliminate ones that are consequences of errors.

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RE: Validation results

Yes, so far it?s by design.  Validation is considered successful if, among 
the identified assertions that have been violated is the one associated 
with the test case.  It?s not considered unsuccessful if it identifies 
additional assertions that have been violated ? or multiple instances of 
violating a single assertion.
However, I put that in place without much thought.  It would not be hard 
to flag those results that weren?t one-to-one matches with the identified 
assertion.  Whatever makes most sense to Woden at this point?
Arthur, what do you think?
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With your most recent change I see all green on tests such as Binding-3B, 
even though the test cases indicates that only assertion Binding-0057 
should be violated and Woden identifies that assertions Binding-0057 and 
Binding-0055 have been violated. Is this by design? I would think 
assertion Binding-0055 should be flagged with a yellow or red marker. 

Lawrence Mandel

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RE: Validation results


Good catch, I've fixed it, with more green appearing as a result.  Checked
in your results too:


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> I have regenerated the validation results.
> I have noted that the report is not quite accurate with the good
> documents.
> They are either flagged red or yellow, while they should be either red
> or green.
> Maybe a small change in the presentation stylesheet would greatly help
> improving the overall results ;-)
> Jonathan, can you update the CVS canon validation results file with this
> one?
> Thanks,
>     Youenn

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