Review of WS-I18N draft

In general, this draft is in good shape.
Some minor points:

1.	although it refers to WSDL repeatedly, starting from the third
line of the introduction, it does not include a reference to WSDL in the
References appendix. 
2.	also in the References appendix, it has a reference to
WS-Routing, but the spec referenced is WS-Addressing. 
3.	Example 4 could be confusing. It contains two instances of a
preferences element, despite the first item in section 3.4 stating that
only one preferences element is permitted. This example could lead a
less careful reader to believe multiple preferences elements are
4.	Example 5 makes two references to a language spec of "de_DE" -
should this be "de-DE"? 
5.	Says "here are some document examples", but gives only one.
Perhaps more will be added shortly? 
6.	Section 3.2 lists, in the first paragraph, special language tags
"$neutral" and "$default". Should it also list "$user"? "$user" is
covered in Section 4, but should probably appear in 3.2 as well. 
7.	In Example 6, the constraint element needs clarification. The
value shown, "locale:$user", may not be a valid value for this element.

Jonathan might be able to provide a clearer statement of the last item -
I am unsure if I have captured it accurately
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Received on Wednesday, 26 October 2005 00:33:40 UTC