RE: describing a service that returns an image/jpg (for example)


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> (for example)
> On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 18:06 +0200, Hugo Haas wrote:
> > That's a nice trick which I think works, and works well for binary
> > content. However, in LC337, the DAWG talks about HTML, plain text,
> > RDF. Won't they be forced to declare say their RDF as 
> Base64-encoded?
> I know that sucks, but that's the reality of SOAP (and XML 
> really): You
> can't embed HTML without base64 encoding it. Nor can you embed an XML
> document in SOAP without encoding it. If application/rdf+xml 
> is used to
> carry an entire XML *document*, then there's no option but to 
> encode it
> to carry it in SOAP.
> Text is slightly special and can obviously be done with just escaping
> instead of encoding but IMO its not worth special casing.

A big +1. 

We had the same discussions during the media types document work and
realized that there is simplicity in the restriction and restricted
ourselves to base64 from the beginning.

> Sanjiva.



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