Re: Up-to-date version of Part 2 for review; comments

Tom Jordahl wrote:
> I see the same behavior as Sanjiva. Without 'gunk' it looks strange.
> How about just using "OK"?
> Also, I don't "get" the table.  The check marks are left justified;
> there is GET,DELETE and "..." rows in the "HTTP request with method"
> column but not in the third, fourth and fifth.
> Perhaps the following would help
> - Remove the table border around the operations (GET/DELETE) and just
> put the operations in parenthesis: "Without Message body (GET, etc)",
> "With Message Body (POST, etc)".
> - Center the "OK" in the middle of the columns (application/xml,
> multipart/form-data, etc.)

I actually don't get the entire table. IMO the original table I drew on 
the whiteboard (which Paul pasted a picture of at [1]) was clearer because 
  it simply says how to construct (or what can go in) the URI vs. payload 
for each HTTP operation. I recognize I have a biased view in this case 

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