types assertions

I'd like to suggest the addition of the following types assertions to the 
WSDL 2.0 spec, appendix E. For each entry I've listed a suggested id, the 
assertion, and the location of the assertion in the spec.:

Section 3.1
A WSDL 2.0 document MUST NOT refer to XML Schema components in a given 
namespace unless an xs:import or xs:schema element information item for 
that namespace is present or the namespace is the XML Schema namespace 
which contains built-in types as defined in XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes 
Second Edition [XML Schema: Datatypes].

The referenced schema MUST contain a targetNamespace attribute information 
item on its xs:schema element information item and the values of these two 
attribute information items MUST be identical.
(There are actually two assertions here for the same text: 1) The imported 
schema must contain a targetNamespace, 
 2) the target namespace of the import element and imported schema must 

Section 3.1.2
For example, two or more inlined schemas may have the same targetNamespace 
provided that they do not define the same elements or types.
(There may be a better assertion text quote for this assertion.)

The targetNamespace attribute information item defines the namespace of 
the element declarations and type definitions inlined in its [owner 
element] xs:schema element information item. WSDL 2.0 modifies the XML 
Schema definition of the xs:schema element information item to make this 
attribute information item required.

Section 3.1.3
An element attribute information item MUST NOT refer to a global xs:
simpleType or xs:complexType definition.

Section 3.2
A specification of extension syntax for an alternative schema language 
MUST use a namespace that is different than the namespace of XML Schema. 
The namespace of the alternative schema language is used for element 
information items that are children of the wsdl:types element information 
item and for any extensibility attribute information items that appear on 
other components. The namespace MUST be an absolute IRI.

Section 3.3.3
The wsdlx:interface and wsdlx:binding attributes may be used either 
independently or together. If they are used together then they MUST 
satisfy the same consistency rules that apply to the {interface} property 
of a Service component and the {binding} property of a nested Endpoint 
component, that is either the binding refers the interface or the binding 
refers to no interface.

Section 3.2
A specification of extension syntax for an alternative schema language 
MUST include the declaration of an element information item, intended to 
appear as a child of the wsdl:types element information item, which 
references, names, and locates the schema instance (an ?import? element 
information item).

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