LC124 - openContentStyle proposal

Following today's F2F discussion, herein a proposal for a 'hook' to 
describe the method for describing evolvable content [1]: 

WSDL 2.0 to provide an openContentStyle property whose value
is of type anyURI. WSDL 2.0 provides 2 (possibly 3) predefined

  - Strict validation (default)

  - Ignore content indicated by the PSVI notKnown flag:

  [[ - Ignore content which at any point is not expected [2]:

An unrecognised an openContentStyle value could be taken 
as a fault (as with MEPs) or indication to default to ignoreNone.

the following options for syntax follows our previous discussion 
[3] and proposal [4] for an ignoreUnknowns flag: 

1) define openContentStyle as a property for *one* of our components, either the:
	a) {description}
    b) {interface}
    c) {element declaration}
    d) {binding}
    e) {endpoint}
   surfacing as an attribute in the WSDL namespace in the
   <description>, <interface>, <types>, <endpoint> elements.

2) the openContentStyle is defined on {description} and then engaged by our adding
   an ignoreUnknowns='true|false" on *one* of <interface>, <types> or <endpoint> elements.

1a)/2a) above options, except we define a defaulting rule that a missing value on the
     {endpoint}, defaults to the value on the {types}, then the {binding}, then {element
     declaration}, {interface} finally resorting to the {description}.  
	 Or we identify a subset of that chain, e.g. just {endpoint} then {element declaration}.
     It would be an error to supply a different openContentStyle or ignoreUnknowns
     values on different components within a single chain of defaulting. i.e the
     default may be overridden on the endpoint or the types, but a non-default
     value on the types cannot be overridden on the endpoint.

3) define a Feature ""
   with a property ""
   to contain the processing style value. Engaged anywhere, following standard F&P rules
   for inheritance.



Received on Thursday, 21 July 2005 13:10:27 UTC