Clarification on multiple schemas with same namespace

I want to confirm that I have interpreted WSDL 2.0 spec correctly on
multiple schemas with the same namespace.

My interpretation is:
1) The <types> element may contain multiple <xs:import> with the same namespace.
2) The <types> element may contain multiple <xs:schema> with the same

Is this correct?

Part 1 Section 3.1.2 "Inlining XML Schema" confused me a bit with the text:

"It is NOT an error to import two or more schemas from the same
targetNamespace . "

This text mentions 'import' but the section heading is 'Inlining'.  Is
this a typo or should the text be in section 3.1.1 "Importing XML

The only mention of multiple inline schemas with the same namespace is
in the Primer section 3.2.2 "Multiple Inline Schemas" which states:

" two or more schemas may have the same target namespace provided that
they do not define the same elements or types"

This statement or words to this effect should probably be in the Part
1 normative spec too.

John Kaputin.

Received on Thursday, 21 July 2005 14:38:44 UTC