LC 121 text for IgnoreUnexpected

A proposal for some text of the IgnoreUnexpected, basically a change to
sentences #1 and #2

The "ignoreExpected" property set to "true" indicates that a processor

should not fault when processing messages that contain _unexpected

items_.  _Unexpected items_ are attributes and elements that are not

permitted by the schema for a particular element.  _Unexpected items_
may appear in

any namespace including the targetNamespace of a known schema, as well

as in a namespace for which no schema is currently known.  _Unexpected

items_ includes the descendents of the item, such any child elements,

attributes and content.


Explanation of changes

The second sentence in the "ignoreUnknown" reads "_Unexpected items_ are
attributes and elements not defined by

the schema for a particular element."


Clearly we have to distinguish between the "unknown", ie not defined by
the schema, and the known but not allowed elements/attributes.


The goal is to:

1) Add an effective <xs:any namespace="##any"/> everywhere in the

2) Add an effective anyAttribute everywhere in the schema,

3) change all the maxOccurs="unbounded".




Received on Wednesday, 20 July 2005 23:42:11 UTC