Re: Suggestion to improve an XML syntax tree


Technically, Part 1 correct since even XSD is an extension, however it is 
certainly a favoured extension.

We recently decided to allow multliple <description> elements (to simplify 
NL support).

The Primer is wrong in my opinion since there is no requirement to have 
the xs: elements come first. A more accurate tree would be:

                <documentation />*
                (<xs:import namespace="xs:anyURI" schemaLocation= 
"xs:anyURI"?/> |
                <xs:schema targetNamespace="xs:anyURI" /> |
                [other extension elements])*

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John Kaputin <> 
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Suggestion to improve an XML syntax tree

At the start of Part 1: Section 3 'Types' is the following XML syntax 

    <documentation />*
    [extension elements]*

In the WSDL 2.0 Primer, Section 2.3 'More on Message Types', the following
more descriptive XML syntax tree is used:

<documentation />?
<xs:import namespace="xs:anyURI" schemaLocation= "xs:anyURI"?/>*
<xs:schema targetNamespace="xs:anyURI" />*

[extension elements]*

Perhaps Part 1: Section 3 'Types' should use the same XML syntax tree
that's used in the Primer, especially as it goes on to discuss <xs:import>
and <xs:schema>.

John Kaputin

Received on Monday, 11 July 2005 21:20:16 UTC