FW: i017b: Action and ONM

The WS-Addressing WG approved text along the lines of that below to
reference from the [action] property to WSDL 2.0 Operation Name Mapping
Best Practice.  I took an action to convey to the WSDL WG the request
for a corresponding informative link in WSDL to the WS-A spec along the
lines below (see last paragraph).

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Subject: i017b: Action and ONM

Per my suggestion on Monday's call, I propose cross-referencing
wsa:Action and WSDL's ONM Best Practice as a workable solution to this
issue.  Some draft text to that effect would be:

Add a second paragraph to the WS-A WSDL spec, section 3:

"Ensuring that there is sufficient information within each message to
distinguish which WSDL operation it is associated with is specified as a
Best Practice in WSDL 2.0 [ref].  The [action] property provides a
mechanism to fulfill that guideline.  The defaulting mechanisms
described below automatically generate unique actions for each
operation.  Likewise, one can explicitly associate unique values with
each operation."

The WSDL spec would add a corresponding statement in the ONM section
along the lines of:

"WS-Addressing [ref] provides a mechanism for implementing this Best
Practice -- the [action] property embeds a value in each message that
can be used to associate the message with a particular operation."

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