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WSDL Issues champions

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:03:16 -0700
Message-ID: <DF1BAFBC28DF694A823C9A8400E71EA203EC4C69@RED-MSG-30.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
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I'll be coming out with a schedule to get WSDL 2.0 to last call shortly.
Part of that is organizing the disposition of our remaining issues.  The
following list of open WSDL 2.0 issues groups them roughly into
categories, blesses the obvious champions for most of the issues, and
highlights those that don't have champions.  A Champion is someone who
cares about the issue and has put forward a proposal (often this is the
same party who raised the issue.)

1) let me know if you object to being listed as the champion of any
2) volunteer as champion for any unassigned issues that interest you,
un-championed issues are in danger of chair championing "close without

Issues that need a champion, and a proposal or additional rationale:
  158 ?        Part 3 Design  Setting HTTP headers in the HTTP binding 
  168 ?        Part 1 Design  Which operation 
  197 ?        Part 1 Design  Don't override interface feature
                              in binding 
  210 ?        Part 1 Design  Refine equivalence algorithm
  211 ?        Part 1 Design  Omit interface message in binding?
  218 ?        Part 1 Design  Justify interface faults.

Issues assigned to editors (after editors have addressed them they will
either be closed or their rejection championed by an editor.)
  208 Mark     Part 1 Ed      Misc. editorial comments 
  213 Mark     Part 1 Ed      Refine component model property
  215 Mark     Part 1 Ed      Clarify rule obviation

Issues with (more or less) concrete proposals (will be allotted 5
minutes of telcon time to accept the proposal or action opponent to
develop an alternate proposal.)
  130 DaveO    Part 3 Design  Need async request/response HTTP binding 
  157 Glen     Part 1 Design  f&p at the service level 
  160 Jacek    Part 1 Design  Formalize processing model 
  167 Hugo     Part 1 Ed      Synchronize pseudo-schema 
  169 DaveO    Part 1 Design  Syntax for webMethod - property or
  174 Jonathan Part 1 Design  Tie WSDL conformance to XML conformance? 
  175 Jonathan Part 1 Design  Is it valid for a XML 1.1 document to
                              or include a XML 1.0 document (and vice 
  176 Jonathan Part 1 Design  Can a WSDL 2.0 XML 1.1 document contain
                              reference), a XML Schema 1.0 type
  177 Jonathan Part 1 Design  Normative dependence on XML Schema 1.0 
                              precludes XML 1.1 
  209 Mark     Part 1 Design  Reference frag ids from media type 
  212 Mark     Part 1 Design  Explain using bindings across all
  214 Mark     Part 1 Design  Refine "properties" terminology 
  216 Mark     Part 1 Design  RPC and XML Schema not orthogonal 
  217 Mark     Part 1 Design  Syntax for multiple styles 
  219 Mark     Part 1 Design  Actual value vs. normalized value
  220 Mark     Part 1 Design  Document interface extension semantics 
  221 Mark     Part 1 Design  Identify components by URI 
  222 Mark     Part 1 Design  Name[space] for the intended semantics 
  223 Mark     Part 1 Design  Import/include processing model 
  224 Mark     Part 1 Design  Formalize component model 
  225 Mark     Part 1 Design  Non-XML type system extensibility. 
Issues with champions but need concrete proposals:
  112 Glen/DaveO Part 1 Design  New headers/body style?  
  189 DaveO    Part 3 Design  Binding message content to URI

Issues with proposals, that need additional discussion:
  135 Jonathan/Arthur/DavidB Part 1 Ed      WSDL Specification
  159 WG       Part 1 Design  Messages with mixed Body content or 
                              multiple element content 
  195 DaveO    Part 1 Design  Property value merging
  207 WG       Part 3 Design  How to mark which elements to optimize
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