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CFP: The International Journal of Web Services Research (JWSR)

From: Patrick C. K. Hung <cshck@cs.ust.hk>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 16:46:58 +0800
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The International Journal of Web Services Research (JWSR)
"Providing leading technologies, development, ideas, trends, and data sets
to an international readership of researchers and engineers in the field of
Web services."

A Publication of Idea Group Publishing/Information Science Publishing, USA
ISSN: 1545-7362 (http://www.idea-group.com/JOURNALS/details.asp?id=4138)

 Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

The International Journal of Web Services Research (JWSR) is a high-quality
refereed journal on Web services research and engineering that serves as an
outlet for individuals in the field to publish their research as well as
interested readers. As a research and engineering journal, the International
Journal of Web Services Research, will facilitate communication and
networking among Web services/e-Business researchers and engineers in a
period where considerable changes are taking place in Web services
technologies innovation, and stimulate production of high-quality Web
services solutions and architectures.

Web services are network-based application components with services-oriented
architecture using standard interface description languages and uniform
communication protocols. Due to the importance of the field, standardization
organizations such as WS-I, W3C, OASIS and Liberty Alliance are actively
developing standards for Web services. The International Journal of Web
Services Research (JWSR) is the first refereed, international publication
featuring only the latest research findings and industry solutions dealing
with all aspects of Web services technology. The overall scope of this
journal will cover the advancements in the state of the art, standards, and
practice of Web services, as well as to identify the emerging research
topics and define the future of Services computing, including Web services
on Grid computing, Web services on multimedia, Web services on
communication, Web services on e-Business, etc. In conclusions, the JWSR
provides an open, formal publication for high quality articles developed by
theoreticians, educators, developers, researchers and practitioners for
professionals to stay abreast of challenges in Web services technologies.

SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Mathematic foundations for service oriented computing
* Web services architecture
* Web services security and privacy
* Frameworks for building Web services applications
* Composite Web services creation and enabling infrastructures
* Web services discovery, negotiation and agreement
* Resource management for Web services
* Solution management for Web services
* Dynamic invocation mechanisms for Web services
* Quality of service for Web services
* Cost of service for Web services
* Web services modeling
* Web services performance
* UDDI enhancements
* SOAP enhancements
* Case studies for Web services
* e-Business applications using Web services
* Grid based Web services applications (e.g. OGSA)
* Business process integration and management using Web services
* Multimedia applications using Web services
* Communication applications using Web services
* Interactive TV applications using Web services
* Semantic services computing
* Business Grid

All submissions and evaluations are processed electronically. However,
accepted manuscripts and copyright forms will be sent the publisher for
publication. The publisher will publish the journal in both print and
electronic formats. We are going to have an official Web site and an
electronic submission system. Further details will be released soon. Please
send your paper in PDF or Word format to directly to
http://www.mine.tku.edu.tw/JWSR/. For questions regarding the submission and
review status, please send e-mail or write to:

Assistant Editor-in-Chief:
        Patrick C. K. Hung, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Hong Kong
                            University of Ontario Institute of Technology,
        E-mail: cshck AT cs.ust.hk

JWSR publishes special issues on the recent trends in Web services
technologies and solutions. A short proposal containing the title of
proposed special issue, tentative list of invited authors, suggested date of
publication and a call-for-papers should be sent to the Assistant
Editor-in-Chief for review.
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