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* David Booth <> [2004-07-28 15:13-0400]
> Hugo noticed that we have a requirement regarding intermediaries, but we 
> don't say anything about them in our draft:
> >| R031
> >|
> >|     The WG specification(s) SHOULD support SOAP 1.2 intermediaries.
> >|     (From JJM. Last discussed 11 April 2002.)
> >
> >We say nothing about intermediaries, and I don't remember this being a
> >conscious decision from the time I've been on the Group. The actor
> >attribute is not talked about at all.
> We discussed them at our 19 May 2004 F2F in NYC[1] where we decided to 
> remove soap:header.  From the minutes, it looks like we were thinking that 
> the AD feature would meet this need (to enable an appropriate role header 
> to be set), and we later adopted[2] the AD feature.

Indeed wsoap:header's role attribute[3] went away with wsoap:header. I
don't remember us talking about intermediaries after that.

However, the AD feature allows to define whatever we one wants, so one
could do in the example in [4]:

    <!-- These elements are our data -->
    <element name="isGoldClubMember">
       <extension base="xs:boolean"/>
       <attribute xmlns:soap=""
       <!-- THIS IS NEW -->
       <attribute xmlns:soap=""
       <!-- THIS IS NEW -->

I believe that because of R031, this addition to the example would be

> Is there anything else that we need to do to meet R031, or are we all set 
> on this?

I am wondering if we don't need to add a {soap module role} property
on the SOAP Module component.

As an example, one service may require the use of encryption at the
interface level, and require the use of the "Web Services Security:
SOAP Message Security V1.0" module (let's assume that one has been
defined for it) for its SOAP binding, but may want to have security
information targetted to the SOAP role for
dispatching reasons.

{soap module role} could set the soap:role attribute's value on
headers generated by the module:

  <wsoap:module uri="" required="true"




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