Part 2 Features stuff

Hi Amy, all:

In fulfillment of my AI, I took a look at the new part 2.  The inclusion
of the AD feature and the new section looks great in general, but I
would change the first bit of text of section 3 thusly
(comments/thoughts appreciated):

Web Services Description Language (WSDL) features (hereafter 'features')
define pieces of extended functionality which typically affect message
exchanges.  Examples may include "reliability", "security", or
"correlation", among others.  Features may be self-contained, or may be
abstract, and thus expressed via bindings or SOAP modules.  These
components may expose settable properties, named variables which affect
the behavior of one or more features, bindings or SOAP modules.

Features may change the behavior described for other components. In
particular, note that a feature (or any other extension) may change the
semantics of a message exchange pattern in some fashion, such as
nominating an address for the delivery of faults, etc.

The Web Services Description Working Group provides the following
predefined features and SOAP modules for two reasons - first, we
encourage implementors to support these features as we believe they
offer important functionality.  Second, these specifications act as a
model of how to write feature/module specs.  Some further
(SOAP-specific) examples can be found in the SOAP 1.2 spec, part 2.

I would also make the change suggested by the first [ed] aside in the AD
module, changing SHOULD to MUST.

Do you think we should provide a SOAP example of a sample AD message
(i.e. using the same schema as in the feature example)?

Thanks for the work on this, Amy,

Received on Tuesday, 27 July 2004 17:33:26 UTC