RE: Issue 169: Propose http method in the operation interface to simplify http binding.

Hugo wrote:

> I remember, during the discussions around @safe, some people 
> arguing that an operation could be safe while not having the 
> semantics of GET.

i argued that way, and still believe that operation safety is 
orthogonal to the 'method' employed. 

i also still see safety as an abstract concept and not tied to just 
HTTP e.g. getStockQuote could be bound to a message queue and safety 
would indicate if the binding could use a non-destructive read. 

conversely it allows the indication of a getStockQuote using SOAP over 
HTTP POST to be also marked as being "safe".

so i disagree with DaveO when he says adding @method="GET" to the 
interface means we can do away with @safe.


Received on Tuesday, 13 July 2004 04:47:28 UTC