Re: Revised Asynch Binding

"Ugo Corda" <> writes:
> Isn't a messageID also required to correlate the request and the
> response, since they cannot be correlated by being on the same channel?
> Both WS-Address and WS-MD have the capability of carrying such an ID,
> but the two concepts are orthogonal and other addressing mechanism might
> not include a messageID capability.
> Ugo

It certainly may be- and if you're using WS-Addressing you can
deal with that by putting the message ID in the ReplyTo EPR .. that
way it'll be there when the reply comes and you'll know what
its about. (There's the RelatesTo property too.) If another 
addressing mechanism doesn't support such a feature then its
pretty much busted IMO.

In any case, this is all hooks we're putting to avoid a political
problem at this time IMO. For the success of the Web services
platform, it is ABSOLUTELY critical that there be one and only
one addressing/referenceing/whatchamacallit standard. Until we
get there everything is and will be broken.

As far as WSDL is concerned, if we can create a solution that can
work with that standard then we're in business. In the meantime, 
it better work with the current bevvy of candidates too.


Received on Tuesday, 6 July 2004 13:05:37 UTC