Re: Issue 232 [was RE: Issues 227, 231, 234, 235 plus 226, 227, 232]

On Jul 2, 2004, at 11:26 AM, Jonathan Marsh wrote:
> The second part is adding a little explanation differentiating WSDL 
> MEPs from SOAP MEPs or another protocol's MEPs that might be in use in 
> the underlying protocol.  Rather than qualifying WSDL MEPs as 
> Interface MEPs as Mark suggests (they are already qualified as WSDL 
> MEPs), perhaps we should just add an explanatory sentence to the first 
> paragraph of the intro along the lines of:
>   "Web Services Description Language (WSDL) message exchange patterns
>   define the sequence and cardinality of abstract messages listed in
>   an operation. WSDL message exchange patterns also define which other
>   nodes send messages to, and receive messages from, the service
>   implementing the operation.  WSDL message exchange patterns describe
>   the interaction at the abstract (interface) level, which may be
>   distinct from the pattern used by the underlying protocol binding
>   (e.g. SOAP Message Exchange Patterns <ref>)."
> Mark, Amy, what do you think?

Works for me.  Thanks for doing the hard work.  :-)  Mark?


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