Requiring all operations to be bound

One of the ugly problems we ran into in BPEL is that in WSDL 1.1 it is
theoretically possible to define a portType which does not have bindings for
all of its operations. It would be a good thing were WSDL to explicitly
require that any binding for an interface MUST bind all operations in that
interface. After all, the interface is the true definition, the binding is
simply the dirty details. It would seem reasonable that the dirty details
match the true definition.

This requirement would in no way mandate that every binding must explicitly
reference all or any operations in an interface. Rather, it requires that
either explicitly or implicitly the binding MUST provide for the expression
of all operations in an interface.

For example, my understanding of our current SOAP binding is that if one
binds to SOAP there is no need to explicitly list each operation in order to
make that operation available via SOAP. Explicitly references to operations
are only needed if one wants to explicitly define SOAP header related data a
specific operation. Therefore the existing SOAP binding would be compliant
with the previously stated requirement.

Issue 16 also brought up this issue but the issue is marked as closed and I
couldn't find an explanation for how it was resolved.



Received on Thursday, 22 January 2004 18:05:10 UTC