Re: Another try at HTTP binding

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 06:49, Mark Baker wrote:
> > 1) Is it good practice to extract part of your content to parameterize
> > your URI?
> IMO, no.
> >  If not, what is the best way?
> Invoke GET on the URI to retrieve a document, and include in that
> a declaration of how the URI can be parameterized.  This is what forms
> are for (well, "GET forms" anyhow); see XForms[1] or RDF Forms[2].

Mark, I see WSDL as very similar to a form language. A form describes an
interface to a human user, a WSDL describes an interface to a developer
or to a system.

If a set of resources identified by a parametrizable URI is a web
service, it should be describable using WSDL.

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