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As I now understand it, in WSDL 2.0 the schema employed to describe the data being exchanged will also describe the actual serialisation of the data 'on the wire'.

Doesn't this remove the ability for the same infoset to be exchanged using different serialisations:  XML text, MTOM, or whatever and necessitate a new schema /language/ just to support a different message encoding ? 

It seems to me that there was real benefit in encodingStyle: multiple bindings could easily present the same data but exchanged over different transports *and* serialisations.

Thanks for your patience and sorry if i'm going over well trodden ground here!


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Following the call yesterday, i'm confused why we would need to invent a new
schema language just to represent section 5 encoded messages when it's just
a flag ATM. 

I'm also puzzled how other, non-XML serialisations for SOAP could be
supported in the future - i'm guessing you'd need to invent a whole new 
SOAP binding ?

Can someone please point me at the reasoning how we lost the encodingStyle
on the SOAP binding ?


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