A swing at schema import text


In fulfillment of my long-standing action item re: schema importation
text, here is some draft wording.  I would guess that this text would
become section 3.1.4 "Importing schema components from imported WSDL".

  Common usage scenarios for WSDL modularization include defining one
  or more interfaces and their associated types in one WSDL document,
  and building upon those definitions (typically by binding them to
  particular protocols and endpoints, or by extending them) in another.
  Often this will entail an inlined <xs:schema> in the original
  document, and references to the types/elements defined therein in
  the importing document.

  As such, WSDL processors SHOULD make any inlined XML Schema components
  in imported WSDL documents available for xs:import in the root
  document.  Note that an <xs:import> is *always* required to enable
  usage of schema components in a foreign namespace; this section simply
  makes clear that imported WSDL documents should, where possible, be
  a valid source from which to satisfy an <xs:import> lacking an
  "shemaLocation" attribute.

Does that adequately capture what we discussed?  Is it too vague?


Received on Thursday, 8 January 2004 10:55:38 UTC