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RE: WSDL Import/Include Locations

From: Martin Gudgin <mgudgin@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 05:50:51 -0800
Message-ID: <DD35CC66F54D8248B6E04232892B63380152447C@RED-MSG-43.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
To: "Arthur Ryman" <ryman@ca.ibm.com>, <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
I didn't say the spec prohibited two or more imports with the same
namespace attribute. I said it prohibited two or more imports that
resulted in components in a given symbol space with duplicate names.
I believe the spec already states that an import is a necessary
condition in order to reference components in a given namespace that is
not the target namespace 


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	Subject: Re: WSDL Import/Include Locations
	I looked at the spec and the schema and I couldn't see where we
prohit two or more <import>'s that have the same namespace attribute. 
	Also, in the case of diamond inheritance, you will end up
indirectly importing the same WSDL into the component model twice. We
allowed this by saying if a component is defined twice or more then the
definitions must be equivalent. 
	I have been looking at imports and includes in the spec and I
think we need to clarilfy the situation. If a WSDL directly references a
component from another namespace, then that namespace MUST be declared
in a top level import, whereas any components that are directly or
indirectly included or imported do become part of the component model.
The component model "forgets" where they come from, yet we do care about
where they come from by requiring top-level imports. We seem to have two
levels at which we discuss correctness, namely at the document level
(where we have imports and includes) and at the component model level
(after imports and includes are resolved). This is analogous to PSVI. We
seem to have the notion of a Pre and Post Import/Include Processing
Component Model. 
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	www-ws-desc-request@w3.org wrote on 02/18/2004 06:05:01 PM:
	> Martin Gudgin wrote: 
	> Actually I think our current spec already prohibits multiple
	> ( or includes ) of components with duplicate names. So while
	> could do two imports of the same namespace, it would only work
	> all the components in the second had names different from
those in the first. 
	> Gudge 
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